The Solar Message Center was the first changeable message sign to
incorporate solar power into its design. The SMC 1000HE is designed for low
maintenance, ease-of-use, and reliability.

Patented Optical Assembly - The SMC 1000HE has a three line, eight character
message board that uses a patented optical assembly to emit bright distinctive
messages. Each character board uses a 5x7 pixel matrix that produces an
18"x 12" amber character (590 nanometers) that can be seen from more that
1000 feet away in any weather condition. Each 2" pixel is composed of 48
separate facets to create a fully illuminated image.

The SMC 1000HE automatically adjusts illumination intensity to accommodate
any light conditions. The character board array is covered by a UV inhibited and
impact resistant lexan shield to prevent fading and create the greatest
transmission of light.

The SMC 1000HE displays up to six messages in sequence, with variable timing
as low as _ second increments ?? computer control. The SMC 1000HE's
message board is supported by a hydraulic telescoping support that enables it
to be raised a maximum of seven feet and rotated 360 degrees. The sign also
has locking mechanism to secure it during display and travel modes.

30-day Power Supply - The SMC 1000HE uses two power sources: the battery
bank and a standard 120-volt AC outlet. The battery bank supplies power for 30
days without sun. The solar panel array recharges the battery bank in 2.5 hours
for one 24- hour period of use. The battery bank contains 4-D, deep cycle, lead
acid 12-volt batteries wired in parallel. They are locked in heavy duty weather
proof steel battery boxes.

250 Preprogrammed Messages - The SMC 1000HE is controlled by an on-board
dedicated computer manufactured by Precision Solar Controls, Inc. Its modular
design, full keyboard and L.C.D. screen make it very easy to use. It holds 250
preprogrammed messages, and stores up to 250 custom messages. It's
capable of displaying up to six messages in sequence and storing up to 100
sequences. The on-board computer has a diagnostic program and password
coding, and provides a control to monitor all major power and resource
functions. The computer and power control unit are encased in a shock and
weather resistant, lockable control box.

The power control unit regulates the system control charge, the batteries, and
the message board. Its modular design incorporates a PV regulator, with
thermal compensation for variances in ambient temperature, which controls
the battery bank charge rate. You can monitor the amperage generated by the
battery charger and the solar panels via displays placed on the front panel.

Standard Features:

Top solar panel mounting for maximum exposure to sun without shadows
4 Leveling jacks for proper placement and stability
Heavy duty surge brakes
Sighting device to assure proper directional alignment
360° message panel rotation with hand brake
Easily accessible message panel
UV inhibited clear lexan panel
Built-in 115VAC battery charger
12 volt non-hazardous operation
115VAC operation capacity
Efficient long life L.E.D. lamps - 10+ years average operational life
Separate passwords for operation and programming
Flashing message function
Expanded message storage capacity - 250 message capacity - 100 sequence