Traditional road flares can ignite when stored in the trunk of
a police car or other emergency vehicles (as shown in the
picture above), causing thousands of dollars worth of
damage to the car and injury to the vehicle passengers.
This type of accident can be avoided with PowerFlare LED
technology. PowerFlare substitutes LED light technology for
open flames, making it a safe non-burning alternative.
The PowerFlare Unit's ultra-compact,
internally reinforced design and
high-strength housing is designed to
handle the inpact and presure of truck
run-overs at highway speeds and works
under water to 80' depth. No other traffic
flare, electronic or incendiary, is this tough
The PowerFlare® Electronic LED Safety Light family of
products comes in two models: non-rechargeable, powered
by a standard CR123 Lithium battery, and rechargeable,
powered by a rechargeable RCR123 Li-ion battery.
Accident Investigation (OK around fuels)
 Arson Scene Investigations (Hang on Crime Scene Tape)
 Canine and Mounted Units (Attach Safety Light to harness)
 Clandestine Operations (Drop Infrared unit at suspect site)
 Confined Space Rescue
 Convoys, Convoy Kits
 Crime Scene Investigations (Hang on crime scene tape)
 Designate Entry/Exit Routes or Search Grids
 Designate Hazards or Danger Zones
 Drop Zones - DZ’s for Cargo (Place at Zone or on Cargo)
 DUI or Crime Checkpoints (Place beacons inside cones)
 Emergency Zone Status (Use different PowerFlare colors)
 Escalation of Force (EOF Kits) Warning Lights
 Evacuation Routes
 Fuel Spill or Gas Leak Warning - HAZMAT Safe
 Hurricane/Tornado/Flood Road Markers
 Identify Personnel in Hazardous Situations/Fire Lines
 Infrared Version for Extraction Purposes
 Landing Zones - LZ’s (for Helicopters or Fixed Wing Aircraft)
 Marine Applications (River, Lake and Ocean Patrols)
 Mark Cleared Rooms or Dangerous Areas
 Motors Officers – (Eliminates mess in saddle bags)
 Political/Sporting Events (Easy to wear on belt or jacket)
 Public/Tradeshow Events
 RIT /RIC Kits/Crew Kits
 Road Closures/Traffic Control (Trucks can run over beacons)
 Search & Rescue (Mark team members or rendezvous point)
 Signaling/Illumination (10 flash patterns)
 Stakeouts (marked target building with infrared unit)
 Strobe Lights (Green LEDs available for Command Vehicles)
 SWAT (Colored Distraction beacon & Infrared Flashlight mode)
 Target Designation (Infrared)
 Triage – MCI (Kit with Red, Amber, & Green LEDs)
 Waterproof & Floats (Clip on divers, dive lines, objects under
Suggested PowerFlare Uses
The PowerFlare Safety Lights come in 8
different LED colors (red, amber, blue, green,
white, infrared, red/amber combo, & red/blue
combo) and 8 different outer shell colors
(yellow, orange, blue, pink, hot pink, black, tan,
& olive drab).

The PowerFlare® Electronic Traffic Safety System Pays for
Itself Quickly!
The PowerFlare® electronic beacon is a simple and extremely
rugged traffic safety device, designed to be used instead of
flares. The product features the latest in L.E.D. light
technology, intelligent electronic circuitry, and unparalleled
physical durability to outperform competing products at all
Each PowerFlare® unit is about the size of a hockey puck and
is strong enough to withstand being run over by motor
vehicles (including trucks). In today’s world of tight budgets,
the PowerFlare® electronic beacon system saves you money
by paying for itself in the first 24 hours of use.
Imagine the effect of replacing your department's
rechargeable flashlights with torches. Your officers would
complain about the fumes and fire danger. They would quickly
burn up the department budget because torches are not
reusable. Incendiary "fusee" flares are as economical and
ergonomic as wooden torches.
Then, there are the “hidden costs” of using flares. It costs
money to re-stripe/repaint road markings after flares char
them. If an officer burns his or her uniform, more budget is
wasted. Exposing personnel to the toxic fumes from flares has
a cost in lost productivity and health. There is also an
environmental impact from using old-fashioned flares.
Perchlorate and other cancer-causing chemicals in fusee
flares make them environmentally unsound. Recent research
has shown that a single incendiary flare can pollute 700,000
gallons of water (see
Scenario: Cost to equip one police car with PowerFlare® 6-
Assume that in one year the car responds to 20 incidents
per month where 5 flares are deployed:
PowerFlare 6-Pack Cost:
Fusee Cost:
Savings from Using PowerFlare:
$700 per vehicle
Switch to the PowerFlare® electronic traffic safety system
and stop burning cash on flares!
Additional Savings come from:
NO MORE Burned pants, shoes, shirts & coats;
NO MORE burned eyes, arms, faces, legs;
NO MORE burned vehicles (police cars, fire
trucks and citizens vehicles);
NO MORE burned fields and forests;
NO MORE risk of explosions from flare contact
with fuels;
NO MORE toxic fumes to contaminate
officers/citizens lungs;
NO MORE perchlorate to leech into the ground
water or sewer system.