Tested by an independent, NVLAP
accredited laboratory – 25 db NRR.

Standard, triple-flange design fits any
ear canal width.

Silicone material, with an air-bubble tip,
combines to create an exceptionally
comfortable and reusable solution.

Extremely soft yet durable enough to
wash and wear for long-term use .

Radiant purple plugs make compliance
checks problem-free.

Available with or without a glossy orange
cord that helps remind workers to wear
their earplugs.


Tested by an independent, NVLAP
accredited laboratory – 31 db NRR – one
of the highest rated earplugs available!.

Extremely smooth, tapered design allows
for incredibly easy insertion.

Non-allergenic polyurethane formula is
extraordinarily soft and comfortable.

Self adjusting design exerts very little
pressure on the ear canal.

Vibrant blue plugs make compliance
checks straightforward and trouble-free.

Available with or without a dazzling purple
breakaway cord that helps employees
keep plugs close at hand.


Tested by an independent, NVLAP
accredited laboratory – 29 db NRR.

Standard barrel shape, with a slightly
longer design that allows for deeper
insertion and a more secure fit.

Special non-allergenic and moisture
resistant polyurethane formula provides a
very reliable sound barrier.

Extremely soft and easy to roll between
fingers, insertion is simple.

Hi-viz orange plugs are the ideal solution
for supervisors monitoring compliance.

Available with or without a bright yellow
breakaway cord that encourages workers
to use their hearing protection.


Tested by an independent, NVLAP
accredited laboratory – 28 db NRR.

Three-position, adjustable length and di-
electric design provides extraordinary

Soft, extra-large cushions distribute
pressure around the entire head for
maximum comfort.

Attractive red and black style appeals to

Rugged and durable construction for use in
demanding industrial environments.

Also available, Hygiene Kits that extend the
life of your SoundOut earmuff.

A smart solution. SoundDecision earmuffs
are a cost-effective response to mid level
hearing protection.

High quality, low price. This three-position,
di-electric earmuff features a padded

In addition to being fully adjustable,
SoundDecision is also lightweight ­ just 8.7
ounces ­ providing long-wearing comfort.

Special hygiene kit includes two cup
sponges, two cup cushions, and a
headband pad.