First Responders
Emergency Responders Traffic Control Equipment
Keeping emergency responders safe and motorists
informed with a full line of products that warn, channel,
re-route and identify to Emergency Scene Ahead.
A completely self-contained sign system that deploys
quickly for greater safety and efficiency in traffic incident
management areas.  The sign system is comprised of an
MDI Compact™ sign combined with a 3612DLK
TrafficMaster® sign stand.  These two components are
stored as one for quick and easy deployment.  When the
incident is terminated, the MDI Compact™ sign and
crossbrace folds down and wraps around undeployed
sign stand for easy storage.  Deployment in 20 seconds or
•Meets MUTCD Standards
•Constructed of orange
waterproof nylon
•Internal light has two settings:
steady burn and flashing
•Cone light endures 100,000
flashes or 36 hours of steady
•Collapses flat for easy storage
•Operates on 2 'AAA' batteries
•18" and 28" Pack and Pop
Cones have 1 L.E.D. internal cone
light-bulb and 30" Pack and Pop
Cones have 4 L.E.D. internal cone
Recommended and used by police, the PowerFlare® electronic beacon is a
versatile, high-tech safety device that uses the latest in LED light technology
(super-bright array of 16 ultra-bright red LEDs!!!). More than just a flash light,
PowerFlare® units provides brilliant signaling or illumination light in all directions.
Never worry about dead batteries: The unit comes with a user-replaceable CR123
lithium battery (common in digital cameras and flashlights) that has an amazing 10
year shelf life (will not leak like alkaline batteries) and will run the unit for over 100
hours, depending on the mode selected. And, each PowerFlare® unit is only about
the size of a hockey puck (weighs ~7 oz.), yet is strong enough to withstand being
run over by a fire truck. PowerFlare® Features Superior Visibility & Safety:
Super-bright LED flashing light can be seen for miles. Rechargeable unit has 10
user-selectable patterns: quad-strobe; double-blink; single-blink; rotate; alternate;
"SOS" Morse code rescue signal; solid-on (lantern); solid-on low-beam (nightlight)
mode; and flashlight (directional) mode. Easy to Use: No messing with lighting flares
or dim chemical glow-sticks. Safe and environmentally-friendly. Convenient lanyard
tab for attaching to belt, boat, backpack, etc. Durable & Reliable: Can withstand
demanding road conditions. No alkaline batteries or chemicals to decompose.
Useful in natural disasters or other emergencies. Order a PowerFlare safety beacon
today. Makes a great gift! You and your family deserve a quality product that you can
rely upon for safety. PowerFlare® products are currently in use by police, SWAT, fire
fighters, EMT medics, and the U.S. Military. PowerFlare® -- Ready when you need it:
earthquake, hurricane, power blackout, wilderness rescue or just a flat tire!
Description: PREMIUM SOLID
Color: Hi-Viz Yellow  
Size: M/L, XL/2X, 3X/4X
 * High Intensity LED design
 * High Efficient Circuitry for optimum light output
 * Flashing or Steady Brun modes
 * Compact design for easy storage
 * Built in High Intensity LED Mini Flashlight
 * Operates on olny 2 C-Cells!
 * State of the Art design optimizes battery life
 * Wide range of applications: road crews, law
enforcement, security personnel, etc.